All of our products are subjected to strict quality control systems to guarantee their precision and reliability. The product has to be inspected by all testing processes including size, hardness, torque values and lifetime cycle. To ensure the accuracy of inspection and testing provides each product manufacturing related quality conforming to DIN/ISO/GS standard accurately

Through in-depth understanding of manufacturing, product management and automated production facilities. RCCK-FIRM has the most advanced production technology and state-of the-art expertise to ensure that we can develop the highest quality of our product. 

We simply claim that we can be as good as you want it to be. This message is simple: worldwide customers are looking for today is a manufacturing partner role play toys that understands market trends and changes. This may affect them to strengthen their competition in market. Therefore, we are flexible to adjust our production process to meet your need. We roll out serial new tools and package designs from our product lines every year to keep our clients' success in this competitive market, because we believe the only way to make successful for ourselves is make all client's success.

In order to provide the full service of Hand Tools and Garden Tools development, ROCK-FIRM fully understand the development, from initial concepts' research to mass production. We also have exported for all our retro toys products worldwide. This one-stop-shop service not only save our clients' time, but also let us understand the need from our clients. Therefore, we can provide the best service for both cost and quality.